IFTF International Flowers for thousands Eldery

November 2019 will be the IFTF Flower fair.
We like to work together with all participants: Please give your flowers a 2nd life!
Last year 2017 we could make hundreds of elder people happy in this region thanks to the effort of some participants. Elder people of Zorgcentrum Aalsmeer & Bejaardentehuis Bornholm received all individual flowers at their room and also flowers in the central areas. This simple act of kindness made their day!
The day after we received a phone call of a company who want to help us to deliver more flowers this year, 2019 to make thousands people happy in the region. A great way to finish the exhibition.

What do we need:
– Extra hands
– Your flowers
– Help to select all flowers at 1 point
– Boxes
– A truck
– A driver
– Assistance
– Help by security and in/out.

All financial support for our global mission is more then welcome too.
We have registrations over 30 countries and projects over 3 continents so each kind of help is welcome!


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