The purpose of this project Peace Boy is to address the underlying causes of conflict to initiate social transformation process and empowering youth, children and community members to act as actors of change. We consider conflict prevention as an integral part of our efforts to help communities reduce poverty, promote economic growth and improve people’s lives, in the context of sustainable development. Through this project I intend to promote a culture of conflict prevention in our work with communities. The goal of this project is to build a society where people choose nonviolent means to achieve greater justice and sustainable development. 

The activities will involve youth, students, teachers, actors, religious scholars, journalists, government & non-government officials and civil society representatives who can play a vital role in promotion of social harmony in target areas which can result in bringing peace and development among the target communities. The project activities will include peace messages of Peace Boy (my six years old son Gabriel) on youtube, peace awareness campaign in schools and streets, involvement of school children and college students, teachers and youth, peace education for families, meditation and reflection sessions with children, peace walk, international peace day celebration, involvement of media, animation, candle vigils, peace convention, peace theaters, peace puppet shows and documentaries.


Through this project, we will focus on:

·         Mobilizing different communities for peace building

·         Focusing on strengthening harmonious and respectful coexistence of faith communities, both inter faith and intra faith.

·         Focusing on awareness creation within society at large and faith communities in specific on the potential of the faith communities in peace building.

·         Capacity building if children and youth for promoting peace and social harmony

·         Promoting peace and social harmony message through art and cultural activities  

Project Objectives

1.      Engagement and activisms of the students (schools) to play their active part as peace ambassadors in their communities.

2.      To mobilize youth in the area of social harmony and peace building with promotion of volunteerism among youth.

3.      To enhance the capacity of the educational institutions, organizations and groups about peace building

4.      To raise awareness about interfaith harmony and peace among people of different faiths in order to strengthening mutual relationship and multicultural cooperation


                For Objective 1:

·         Awareness raising sessions in schools, through speeches, puppet shows and plays

·         Formation of School and community Peace Clubs

·         Sports for Peace – Sports Gala(s)

·         Peace Tree Plantation Campaign

·         Annual Youth Peace Festival(s)

·         Online peace talks on youtube channel

·         Distribution of peace hearts

·         Sharing of peace messages between students of different schools

For Objective 2:

·         Formation of Youth Peace Council

·         Trainings for Youth Peace Council

·         Youth Peace Summer Camp

·         Annual Youth Peace Sports Mela

For Objective 3:

·         Training for Teachers

·         Training of Trainers (TOT) for NGOs Representatives

·         Seminar(s) on Interfaith Harmony

·         Peace Wall Painting

·         Peace Walks

·         Training and development / Learning Exchange Visit(s)

For Objective 4:

·         Festival Celebrations

·         Exposure Visit(s)

·         Sticker Campaign

·         Development and Distribution of Peace Poster

·         Street Interactive Theatre / Puppet Shows for Peace

Project’s Expected Outcome

Being a social worker I believe in sustainable development and impact for change in the society through this project. 4 youth peace councils / peace clubs will be formed and programs will be organized in their particular area of selected district for the promotion of peace and harmony. We shall self sustain these peace clubs and peace committees of all selected areas by the end of the year project. After the year students and youth trained and sensitized from this project in selected areas and will continue implement activities by their own with the continue process of peace building in coming years with multiplier effect. More on, we will also work on enhancing the coordination and communication between project stakeholders so that they will go into collaboration and organize the activities by mutual cooperation by their own. Linkages and coordination would be the core theme for project phasing out strategy.

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