UPWEGO, Electrify Your eGO

UPWEGO believes that ecological and durable mobility should be an affordable service where everybody can participate in. This kind of mobility should be available for everybody, anywhere, anyplace at anytime

UPWEGO is the first that combines four major trends of the 21th century in the optimum way:

  1. Transforming – UP: Provides free of charge transformation from petrol to electric cars, when –
  2. Renting – WE: car owners offer their transformed car for rent on a mobile platform.
  3. Self-Driving – GO: (In near future) make transformed cars self-driving and create autonomous mobility systems.
  4. 3D-Printing – MOD: (In near future) modify transformed cars based on requirements of the owner with 3D-Printing.

With the use of global networks and entering into partnerships with innovative companies and talented professionals, UPWEGO provides an affordable, ecological and durable solution – for pollution caused by mobility needs of people – available for all.

When you want more information, you can visit www.upwego.info or you can email@upwego.info

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