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‘The establishment of MUNDO YOUNIDO is perhaps the best proof that when people with diverse cultures, backgrounds and nationalities move forward in the same direction; committed to the same goal, that things which seem impossible can actually be realised.

The “birth” of the idea of ​​MUNDO YOUNIDO occurred to founder Patricia only when she had discussions with other parties to help “translate” her life mission into reality. That was no easy task with many obstacles, counter-arguments and defensive posturing along the way. Some even did not understand and therefore could not help in the translation of the ideals.

Eventually from a selection of these third parties, Patricia Haveman finally made a choice. She had a slight preference for a party that was already very socially involved and very professionally active. Marketing Communications in 2020 had managed to translate the mission and objective of a foundation into a strong brand identity. The graphic creativity of Crown Designs made for an appropriate translation of the mission into a powerful logo and web design.

Many people can build a website, but a global mission that is universally encompassing by taking into account the many facets in which the world is rich, is something far rarer. The team led by Dick Braam has succeeded in doing so. With Patricia’s clear message they realize they have to really know the site and corporate identity.

Subsequently sports trainer Mr. Vijver was kind enough to call several Spanish speakers within his network to test the reaction to the name Mundo Younido. Then Mr. Maselino has always stood ready to check for spelling and writing style pieces.

Last but not least are the “pearls” within the network who are ready to offer assistance to Patricia on various issues. The years of building her network and investing in relationships seemed to be rewarded when suddenly three professional people of influence were ready to take Patricia’s concept to the next level and bring the idea to life.  Mr. Van Bakelen for legal matters, Ms. Cijntje Daal in the field of Organization / Structure and last but not least Mr. Tewari in the field of international relations and finance.

Then finally Patricia’s parents who from the beginning to the end of this process remained a source of encouragement giving Patricia the necessary confidence to pursue her mission. In short, a team of Mundians for which Patricia is very grateful. “A beautiful proof that goals are indeed achievable with the right connections whom, when combined, are positive and willing to work together.”