Flower Parade Netherlands

Each year people from all over the world travel to the Netherlands, to enjoy the flower season.
Special moment is the “Bloemencorso – Flower Parade”, a 1 day tour of flower-wagons from Noordwijk through various villages in the Netherlands. With final destination: Haarlem City.
Around 900.000 people, all from different nationalities, visit this event each year.
With joy for people of all ages: adults, children, students & elders.
A great example that flowers bring positive energy which unite millions of people.
Hundreds of volunteers work all year long to make this day a success and their contribution is direct support to the society, the region and the country. The visitors also bring extra business to this region which also make the business people happy.

Theme of 2019:”Changing World”
With a lot of international expressions including peace symbols, the globe & hearts.
Great to see this theme this year, which bring positive awareness & inspiration for the present & future.
Mundo Younido founder Patricia Haveman joined the Parade various years.
She joined the start together with people from various networks, from the roof of Palace Hotel Noordwijk.
She even joined the Parade itself, 2 times.
Pictures: Noordwijkerhout (mr. S. Weijers)