Acties 2017 & 2018


Ambassadors Conference 2017
Invited State Visit President Macri, Argentina
Visitors from Argentina
Spinning Marathon MUNDO YOUNIDO & Health City
MUNDO YOUNIDO Profit for Humanity Tour
Global Wish Project
Global Heart Project, also in Zambia, Nepal, India, South Korea
Participation Human World Summit France
Participation World Manifest with 40 countries
Participation Peace Summit Seoul, South Korea
Visit Hong Kong, students
Invited for State Visit Prime Minister Modi, India
MUNDO YOUNIDO @ Syrian Festival
Participation actions of the Indian & South American Communities
Invited during 70 years Diplomatic Relations India-NL
Speeches at International platforms
Speeches for Business People
Publication in book One People One Planet, France
Peace Walk During Non Violence Day, Follow the Mahatma
Invited Non Violence Day Event, Peace Palace
Invited Russian Cultural Art Foundation
Participation Stake Holder Event Van Lanschot Kempen Banking
Flower Project Elders Haarlemmermeer
Participation Peace Conference Muslim Community
Sinterklaas celebration with NIA


MUNDO YOUNIDO School Project with 200 students in Netherlands
Ambassadors Conference 2018
Republic Day Celebration, Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
Peace Tree Ceremony, Peace Palace Den Haag
Carnaval 2018
MUNDO YOUNIDO weekend France

Launch new projects of new representatives & Mundians in EU & Asia.