Field days Mundo Younido

Our mission for 1 united world with respect, peace, love & human dignity for each 1 of us, is involved within all activities.
Even when we travel from A to B and or travel to other countries and visit different cities.
We are always blessed to meet new people and believe that Mundians are everywhere! Each 1 of us can make change.


Zumba Marathons

Mundo Younido motivate people to do sports.
Some basic elements to stay strong, healthy & happy in life without extra costs: Nature, sports & positive people.
People build up their condition with sports and their body & mind remain fit.
Same like with meditation or with prayers, people can express their emotions by sports and they control their inner peace by themselves.
A healthy peaceful human being, contribute directly to the society with their positive attitude.
Our sportive founder Patricia Haveman completed various Zumba Marathons all over the Netherlands.
During that time where she trained each week, she had also the honor to meet the Zumba Founder: Beto Perez and 1 of best zumba artists in the world: Nathan Blake.

Zumba is a workout where people train their whole body. Most of all it’s an workout which bring happiness while training.
There are various levels, so the workouts are for all ages and all various condition groups.
With Zumba dance workout the music got a selection of various countries: Latin America, USA, Europe, Asia, Arab and so on.
So in meanwhile this sport session teach us also the variety of cultures by music and dance expressions and spoken languages.
In 1 hour, you can tour around the world with Zumba!
Last but not least: The Zumba Network is active all around the world and the Zumba family is strong connected.
So wherever you travel, feel welcome to join a class. A good way to experience the various workouts in each country.
Look to nearest class at:
Stay fit, strong & healthy and spread your inner peace and love.


Pride Amsterdam

Once a year the Global LGBT Community unite together in Amsterdam to celebrate Gay Pride.
Till today many the LGBT Community suffer from violence and punishment, just for being different.
The get a treatment like heavy criminals and for this reason they can end up in jail.
There are even countries who give a death penalty.
We believe in love for all.
Love above hate, trust above fear, respect above punishment.
Loving somebody should not be a reason to end in jail.
If we are able to respect each others differences we are able to live together in peace and harmony.
If we all want peace, why we don’t follow the path?