EK Frank the Tank & Szkola Tanca MiM Starachowice

Second action was Frank the Tank on drums & a dance group from Poland who connected the people at Museum square in Amsterdam during EK in the Netherlands.
A spontaneous action in the heart of our beautiful capital, where people where connected with music, dance & footbal.
Adults & children had fun and could enjoy a great afternoon together.
With special thanks to: Frank the Tank (drum), Szkola Tanca Mim Starachowice (Dance group, Poland), Robbert Tuinhof (Saxophone), Jaap Romeijn (video) and all guests & friends for their time.
The Dance Group is awarded with the 1st place for the West European Championship 2016! So of course we where very proud with their support.


Spinning Marathon Edwin vd Sar Foundation

Founder Patricia Haveman participated 3 times at the Edwin van der Sar Spinning Marathon of 4 hours long.
To support the Foundation of famous football legend Van der Sar.
Edwin van der Sar Foundation realize projects to support people with brain damage: revalidation, participation & prevention.
The contribution of all people who joined the marathon is directly donated to Edwin van der Sar Foundation.
Mundo Younido supports various goals within the society who really make a difference in the life of others, in this case for those in need.
Our sportive founder Patricia completed each year the full marathon of 4 hours – 3 times in row.