World Meditation Hour Brahma Kumaris

“Peaceful Minds Peaceful World
Each 3rd Sunday of the month Brama Kumaris organize a World Meditation Hour.
With all Brama Kumaris locations all over the world, people meditate for peace and harmony in the world.
A beautiful way of connection, and to unite like 1 family for all pain & conflicts in the world.
To change personal pain & worries about the situations in the world, to the collective.
Mundo Younido motivate meditation in general.
We believe it brings inner peace & contribute to stabile health. Peace starts from within, so if people are balanced themselves, they can contribute directly in positive way to the society or a better world.
Mundo Younido visited the World Meditation Hour 2 times during field days.
We would like to thank Brama Kumaris for the kind & warm hospitality and the inspiring sessions.

( De Brahma Kumaris Spirituele Academie is verbonden aan de Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Het is een nieuwe religieuze beweging van Indische oorsprong. De internationale beweging wordt hoofdzakelijk door vrouwen geleid en is opgericht in 1937 in het toenmalige Brits-Indië ).

Ambassadors Conference 2015-2019

The Ambassadors of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who represent the Netherlands abroad, come all together once a year.
An unique moment in the year where 140 Ambassadors from all over the world are united in the Hague.
1 week with conferences, meetings, visits, speeches and active programs.
Mundo Younido is each year present during this inspiring conference.


Inspirational Speeches

Our founder Patricia Haveman represent Mundo Younido & the Netherlands at national & international podia:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Conferences
  • Summits
  • Various Communities
  • Business Networks
  • Religious places
  • Cities (center)
  • Meetings
  • Public places

Sportive Actions

Spinning Marathon:
Health City
Edwin vd Sar Foundation

Peace Walks  – TOTAL 500 km, oa:
25 km in each European city – 10 cities x 25 km = 250 km
25 km during continents tour – 5 destinations – 5 x 25 = 125 km
10 km Ahmadiyya Community
10 km HWPL
5 km Samen 1
5 km Indian Embassy

Miles for Humanity – TOTAL

Mountain Trekkings:
Mount Kilimanjaro
Fitz Roy
Torres del Paines
5 Finger Mountains
Mount Longonot
Mount Etna

Zumba International
International Yoga Day

Continents Tour

Europe – Tour over 10 European countries
the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Norway, Romania, United Kingdom

North America: Canada – Toronto
Asia: India – Delhi, South Korea – Seoul

South America

Extra destinations: Russia, Hong Kong, UAE

School Education Program – Children

Mundo Younido offer a special School Education Program for Children and a School Education Program for students.
With specific inspirational sessions for the school for 1 full day, and separate sessions, class by class.
Next to that we offer year programs with education where children each week / month get inspired on positive way.
Basic values in the program:

  • Respect
  • Peace
  • Better world
  • Society & contribution to a better world
  • Global wish project & global heart project
  • Projects within a country
  • Creative projects, art, music, dance, culture where children use their own talents to translate for others
  • Follow up actions with field actions


Global Heart Project

In a world with many conflicts concerning differences of religion, skin color, back ground & culture, Mundo Younido looks for what unite us.
We humans got 1 thing in common. We speak 1 common language: From heart to heart.
Mundo Younido started to spread this symbol of love to people & children all over the world.
Ambassadors, leaders of organizations, former presidents, managers, artists, workers, elders & homeless, students and children around the world received a Mundo Younido heart.
In meanwhile 70.000 hearts has been spread all over the world:
The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Norway, Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Canada, Hong Kong, Zambia, Argentina, Korea and many more countries.

The heart represent:
* Symbol of LOVE
* The common language and emotions which all humans got: from heart to heart
* Inner power: Passion & talent to activate
The ingredients which we need to create a better world.

People & children, all from different backgrounds, professions and countries received a Mundo Younido heart.
The hearts which has been spread during school-sessions remind to a beautiful day, with positive inspiration for the children.

Global Wish Project

Mundo Younido select wishes for a United World from people over the continents.

MUNDO YOUNIDO stands for: A united world for you & me, by you & me.
With Mundo Younido’s global wish project, citizens, entrepreneurs, students and children from all continents can leave their personal wish for a “united world”. Cause we are writing this story for a better world together, for and with each other.
We received thousands of wishes from adults & children from all over the world.
All wishes travel with us during the mission, in a special Mundo Younido suitcase, from country to country and from city to city. Ambassadors, CEO’s, artists, directors, elders, leaders of NGO’s, role-models, well-known people but also students & children made their wish for 1 United World. They made a personal stamp within our mission.

You are welcome to leave your wish as well!

During the continents tour, special wishes are selected and shown.
At the end of the tour the thousands of wishes will get a special destination in the Netherlands, to honor this unique project.
The Royal family will receive an invitation!
Who knows, your wish will be placed …. where your wish might be admired worldwide.
We write history together.

Our wish: 1 United World, based on 2 basic values: Respect each other & human existence for all of us.
Our profit = Humanity