Global Heart Project

In a world with many conflicts concerning differences of religion, skin color, back ground & culture, Mundo Younido looks for what unite us.
We humans got 1 thing in common. We speak 1 common language: From heart to heart.
Mundo Younido started to spread this symbol of love to people & children all over the world.
Ambassadors, leaders of organizations, former presidents, managers, artists, workers, elders & homeless, students and children around the world received a Mundo Younido heart.
In meanwhile 70.000 hearts has been spread all over the world:
The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Norway, Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Canada, Hong Kong, Zambia, Argentina, Korea and many more countries.

The heart represent:
* Symbol of LOVE
* The common language and emotions which all humans got: from heart to heart
* Inner power: Passion & talent to activate
The ingredients which we need to create a better world.

People & children, all from different backgrounds, professions and countries received a Mundo Younido heart.
The hearts which has been spread during school-sessions remind to a beautiful day, with positive inspiration for the children.

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