Profit for Humanity Tour Amsterdam CS NS & Aristakes

Mundo Younido = 1 UNITED WORLD for YOU & ME (YO) by you & me.
Base: Respect, peace & human existence to each one of us!
We generate actions to connect people, with just 1 goal: Profit for Humanity!
Amsterdam Central Station changed into most cozy station in the Netherlands with professional artists: Aristakes Jessayan & Robbert Tuinhof.
With songs like We are the world & What would you do, all people could join to sing together.
We did not announce our actions, so an ordinairy day @ Central Station, Amsterdam changed in a day to remember.


Join our mission. Share your talents to another person, the society, your village or country.
Be a world citizen, be a Mundian! And like Aristakes said… Do it from your heart & start TODAY!
Piano: Aristakes Jessayan, Sax: Robbert Tuinhof, Photography: Jaap Romeijn

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