Wheelchair Festival Disabled Czech Republic

Mundo Younido contributed a donation to OPS Assistance in Prague (Czech Republic).
This support has been directly used for a festival for disabled people: a music festival in a parque where all people could enjoy the day with assistance around.
In a city like Prague with high streets, many steps it’s quite a challenge to move with a wheelchair.
With activities like this OPS offers nice activities where disabled people fully can enjoy themselves and can be free without worry.
Website: https://www.asistence.org/english/

Mission statement
Asistence o.p.s. breaks down internal and external barriers in the lives of people with disabilities.

Ensure that our clients are able to do normal activities that they would be able to do if they were not disabled.
Help clients lead an active life by engaging them in society in the areas of education, employment, culture, sport, etc.
Mediate contact between peers and people with whom it can be mutually useful.
Be a support channel when reducing the measure of need of our services.
Create a friendly environment towards people with disabilities in society.

We respect the dignity and individuality of every person.
We respect the right to be different and to make mistakes.
We work with every person according to what they need and consider important.
We adapt to the possibilities and skills of the individual person.
We stress the acceptance of one’s own responsibility in each individual.
We support the development of each individual to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

Target group
People with physical and combined disabilities between the ages of 16 and 64 who use services in the Prague district and who, as a result of their disability, need the assistance of others.

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